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Hand Stripping

Border Terrier

A Grooming Technique for Hard Coated Dogs

Hand stripping service is provided by Gladys Hay.

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The Benefits of Hand Stripping a Dog's Coat

Stripping encourages a dog's natural coat texture and color. Once a dog's coat is cut with an electric clipper or scissor, the coat begins to soften and often the color will lighten to the point where it no longer resembles the dog's true genetic color.

A stripped coat is harder, is dirt- and water-repellent, and does not mat as easily as a clippered coat.

A properly cared for stripped coat will lie flatter, and so can be left to grow longer, than a clippered coat, which will get fluffy, and often curly, if left to grow too long.


One to two hours each month to maintain the look of the coat.

Rolling the coat

Rolling the coat is plucking out the longer hairs, leaving a shorter coat. In between grooming sessions, new hairs grow in where the longer hairs were plucked. In this way, there is always good looking shorter hair and new hair growing in. This is important because the color is on the tip of these hairs. If someone cuts the coat the color is lost and the undercoat color takes over.

To show off the dogs musculature, the coat is raked or carded so the undercoat lays flat against the body.

If the coat is dull in color, soft, or fluffy it may take up to 6 months to restore it to it's hard coat state.

Bath or No Bath

Many believe a bath is not necessary. Usually a hard coated dog can be kept clean by brushing the dog's coat. If you'd like your dog bathed, it would be bathed AFTER the hand stripping is done.

If you want to bathe your dog before hand stripping, it must be bathed at least 3 days before, so the natural oils are replenished before the dog's coat is hand stripped.

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