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Dog Grooming In Your Home?  


The grooming salon environment can be stressful for your dog. It has new smells, new noises, other animals, and people constantly coming and going.

Your home is a stress-free place for your dog.


In a salon environment there are other dogs barking, crying, or whining. There are noises from cage dryers and other groomers with dryers and clippers. Worse, in some salons groomers yell at the dogs.

At home, your dog will hear only the noise associated with his or her own grooming. And no yelling, ever.


A salon is an unknown environment for your pet. Even the groomer can't say for sure what other dogs will be there when your dog is getting groomed.

Home is familiar and comfortable. Any people or animals in your home are known by your dog.


A salon grooming usually means more than one person handling your dog - and not necessarily the same people each visit.

At home, your dog will get to know me and trust me. Grooming will be a positive experience for your pet.

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